From Breakfast Television Vancouver – On the Road with Jose Rivera

We spoke to Jose Rivera, the screenwriter who adapted the iconic book “On the Road” for the movies, and asked him about the process, actors, and translating such an important work to the big screen.

Watch the interview HERE

And here is what he says about Garrett:

“We knew early on [who was playing Dean]. Walter Salles, the director, had a lot of casting in New York and very early settled on this actor named Garrett Hedlund. Garrett really has the charisma to play Dean and the chops as the actor, so from the very beginning he was part of the process. So, I wrote that role really based strictly on the book because I didn’t think I could possibly imitate that character and so I let Kerouac do all the talking. But since that point on it was really easy to write it because I had Garrett in my mind.”


Thanks to KstewAngel on twitter for the link!

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