The scan comes from the June Issue of Total Film magazine (UK). Hopefully we’ll soon get the article that goes along with the pictures.



The source is a blogger and this is what she had to say about the movie:

They’ve started sneaking the pic to a few select parties apparently and the buzz on it is very, very good, with many claiming “Twilight” star Stewart’s performance will turn quite a few heads (she is quite a good actress; did you see “In the Land of Women”?) and silence even more cynics (who believe she’s ‘Bella’ and nothing more); Hedlund too – who was terrific, I thought anyway, in “Tron Legacy” – is apparently great. The film is out sometime this year.

I’m not sure how accurate this information is because I’m not sure if Walter has had the time to get the movie to the point where he can start sharing it, however rough, with people, but it’s still nice to read that it’s getting good reactions.

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