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“The weird balance between good and bad”

Friday, July 6, 2012

My mom and I were visiting her family in New Jersey because my cousin Danielle just got married and the celebration party was the next day. So my aunt agreed that she would take us to New York City, where Lullaby was filming. I had already known of this beforehand and found out more information so we could possibly stop by. The four of us- me, my mom, my aunt, and my cousin Andrew- took the subway to the city. Soon enough we stopped at Bellevue Hospital, where they were filming. We were told it was on the first floor so my mom and I went up there to see if we were allowed to hang around for fan pictures. We were!

I started pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Some of the crew led us down a kind of secluded hallway and told us to wait until there was a break. We were waiting for about ten minutes when my mom went back downstairs to tell my aunt where we were. At that point a guy from the crew came up to me and asked me who I was waiting for. I told him I was a huge fan of Garrett Hedlund, to which he told me that not a lot of the fans that visit actually know who he is. WHAT THE FUCK. Has no one seen Tron Legacy?? Then my mom came back up and said that she saw him in the chapel on the floor right by our hallway! And that some other people from the crew were gonna let him know he had a fan waiting! AHMAGAWD. So then we waited for another twenty-ish minutes. AND THEN. I SEE HIM TURN THE CORNER HEADING DOWN THE HALLWAY TO WHERE WE WERE. My mom elbows me and says, “Look!” OH, I SEE HIM. He’s getting closer. My heart was beating so fast I thought all the bones in my chest were going to break.

AND THEN HE STOPS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US AND I AM HAVING THE HUGEST FANGIRL ATTACK OF MY LIFE. My face is burning. He holds out his hand and looks me right in the eyes and says, “Hi, I’m Garrett.” AS IF I DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW. So I told him my name. It’s pronounced “Tear-Knee,” so I made a tear motion down my face with my finger and pointed to my knee. And then he SMILES and says, “Oh, wonderful!” ANDTHENMYOVARIESWENTKABOOM. HE THEN TURNS TO MY MOM and introduces himself again! He’s such a fucking gentleman. She was totally dazed by his beauty. So then we’re getting pictures and he puts his arm around me and MY WHOLE BODY SQUEEEEEEEED. My mom tells him that she’s taking two pictures and he says, “Awh yeah, we get two!” And then we’re done and he thanks us so much for coming and he’s so polite and sweet. Dude. Thank YOU. Are you kidding me?? And we thank him for his time and I stumble off the set because my whole body had turned to goop.

We got down to the main floor, and I’m telling myself, “Holy shit, that just happened!” At this point I decide to call my best friend Alyssa because she adores him, too. I told her, “Guess who I just met?” And she didn’t have to say anything except, “YOU’RE KIDDING.” She knew. So we fangirl for a while, and then I ask her how her mom’s doing, who was battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She pauses and says, “Do you really want to know?” I froze. “Tell me,” I plead.

Alyssa tells me that she had passed away the day before. I am screaming into the phone. I’m on the verge of tears. My breath is coming fast. My mom looks at me and starts crying. I cannot believe this. Alyssa’s mom was a dear friend of hers, too.

We leave the hospital, and I’m still on the phone. She tells me, “Thank you for brightening my day and making me feel better.” I thanked her for letting me know, because she hadn’t told anyone yet except for me. We balanced each other out. For my day, I had a great amount of good flattened by a great amount of bad. For her, it was the exact opposite.

Now there are so many reasons why Garrett means the world to me. I had watched an interview of his last year, and it’s one of my favorite videos of him. He was describing how long he’d been attatched to On the Road (which was 2007, he’s so fucking dedicated), and he found out he got the part on his birthday. What a perfect birthday, right? His father called and sang him happy birthday. Later that day, Garrett was told that his father had a heart attack right after they got off the phone. So Garrett calls him in the hospital and says, “You can’t do this, it’s my birthday…I just got On the Road!” At the end of his story, he says, “A great amount of good can always be evened out by a great amount of bad. I find it best to acknowledge that weird balance.

I mean, it’s scary how much his quote and personal story related to our situation. It just makes him all the more special to me… It just fit so perfectly.

I’ve known Alyssa since freshman year. I’ve been at her house so many times that her mom became a second mom to me. There were no words to explain how heartbreaking it was to hear. But she’s staying very positive. She didn’t even sound sad when she told me. I guess it was such a relief to them because her mom was in so much pain and suffering, and now she’s in peace. And now we have another angel above us.

But no one should be forced through that. No one. Especially Alyssa and her family.

It was just a really really emotional day.


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