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From Philly Mag:

13 Movies Worth Your Time Christmas Weekend

Inside Llewyn Davis

Sorry to be corny, but Joel and Ethan Coen’s latest is one of those movies you feel instead of watch. Played out over a wash of a week in the frigid New York City winter of 1961, it’s a quietly visceral experience that drops in and drops out of the directionless life of Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac), a pretty-much-failed folk singer who’s exhausted his options. Broke and essentially homeless, he refuses to accept that dedication to principles doesn’t always translate to artistic success. Like all the best Coen works, it’s funny and tragic in all the weirdest places, sonically adept and reluctantly existential.

See it if: You want to hear Isaac, an amazingly convincing performer, play incredible music. “If it was never new and it never gets old, then it’s a folk song,” he offers as a sort of genre nut graf.

Best Performance: It has to be Isaac. He’s unbelievable. But a well-deserved shout also goes out to Garrett Hedlund, who builds out a fascinating character with nearly zero dialogue.


This mention from the Arizona Daily Star is also nice:

Review: Despair proves amusing in Coens’ ‘Llewyn’

When Llewyn hitches a ride to Chicago for a last-chance meeting with stoic music manager Bud Grossman (portrayed by the ever-magnetic F. Murray Abraham) he is told his music isn’t sellable. His traveling companions, bizarre Southern jazz musician Roland Turner, played with raw perfection by Coen regular John Goodman and the aloof leather coat-wearing stud Johnny Five (a quiet, captivating Garrett Hedlund), turn out to be a headache when one almost overdoses on drugs and another is arrested.


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