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Six years after writing his seismic roadtrip odyssey On The Road, Jack Kerouac penned a one-page letter to Marlon Brando asking him to play Dean Moriarty while Kerouac himself would play Sal Paradise. Brando never wrote back. But after decades driving in the circles of development hell, On The Road has finally arrived in cinemas with 27-year-old Garrett Hedlund in the driving seat as the Beat generation icon searching for ‘it’ in 40s America. You have to feel that Kerouac and Brando would have approved.

Stepping on the screen bare-ass naked, the Tron Legacy actor cranks up the charisma to become the reason to watch The Motorcycle Diaries director Salles’ vibey, drifting movie. Hedlund centres an all-star cast that includes Sam Riley, Viggo Mortensen, Kristen Stewart, Adam Adams, Terrence Howard and Kirsten Dunst – and he leaves them all behind with a lazy intensity, handsome looks that are both youthful and lived-in, and a voice that sounds like it’s been soaked in old whiskey and stained with roll-up cigarettes.

Drugs, sex and self-discovery… the two-lane blacktop offers all this and more. And like so many young Americans, Hedlund has always been hypnotised by the open road. But his journey to stardom is unlikely by any standards. He was raised on a remote beef cattle farm in Nowheresville, Minnesota, but found himself chosen to star as Brad Pitt’s brother in swords’n’sandals epic Troy. He then levelled-up to play Jeff Bridges’ son and the hero of 3D sci-fi stunner Tron, before grabbing the role of free-wheelin’ free-spirit Moriarty by the bootstraps. And he’s caught the eye of the Coen brothers, too, who’ve cast him in their own roadtripper, Inside Llewyn Davis. Hedlund, it seems, is most definitely going places.

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i-D Online Interview with Garrett
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17 Aug, 2012

Hedlund was little-known when he auditioned for Salles, with just a debut role in Troy, followed by small parts in such films as Four Brothers, Friday Night Lights and Eragon on his resume. A Minnesota native, he took his own Kerouac-like trip on the way to the audition, travelling by bus for three days and nights, ducking into dive bars and strip joints along the way, writing about his experiences.

27 year old Garrett Hedlund – the man who would be Dean Moriarty – concurs, admitting he was drawn to the book’s era. “It’s the most romantic period,” the actor says. “The forties and fifties Beat Generation… that’s when all this stuff was blossoming.” Hedlund points out that On The Road takes place prior to the formation of The Beats. “It wasn’t called that then,” he says. “Everybody just thinks it was. This was them discovering that. Kerouac maybe mumbled drunken about The Beat Generation at some bar… it was just the beginning of a counterculture at a time of conservatism. They felt that the world had more to offer than a nine-to-five job and structure and routine.”

One of my favourites from the 5 paged article, Sam Riley was mid interview when Garrett appeared:

“Hey Garrett,” he yells, in a faux American accent. Hedlund yells something back, in an equally dodgy British brogue. “That’s Garrett’s impression of me,” Riley smiles. “I always sound like that, and he takes the piss.” Riley shouts back, “Love you, Garrett!” Then he turns to me, tongue firmly buried in cheek, and whispers: “He’s an arsehole!”

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On The Road opens on September 27 and will be reviewed by Film Ink in their next issue.

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16 Aug, 2012

It’s very similar to the original, minus the rear view mirror and a new font. I can’t wait to see what they do with the US one – I’m hoping for a completely new design (one that goes with my decorating – darker colors would be nice lol).

New Australian On the Road Poster
16 Aug, 2012


The first time we see Garrett Hedlund in Walter Salles’ film adaptation of On the Road, he’s answering his apartment door—completely naked. And while we all adored Hedlund as an achy-breaky crooner in Country Strong and as Jeff Bridges’ slick hacker son in Tron: Legacy, it’s his Dean Moriarty, the Benzedrine-pumped, woman-chasing protagonist of Jack Kerouac’s largely autobiographical 1957 novel—the defining work of the jazz-and poetry-fueled Beat generation—that will finally make the actor an A-list sex symbol. “You couldn’t not have the camera on him,” says Salles, who cast Hedlund next to Kristen Stewart (as Moriarty’s first wife, Marylou) and Sam Riley (as narrator Sal Paradise) after the 27-year-old road-tripped from his Minnesota farm to the L.A. audition, stopping along the way at gas stations, bars, and strip clubs, and chronicling the journey in a notebook that he read with his assigned lines. “He’s a soulful, affectionate [actor], much more interested in living every single moment than anticipating what he’s going to be doing in two or three years,” Salles says. “He’s not guided by a sense of career.” Or by whether or not this dream role, to which he brings a beguiling ruggedness, will make him a lust object come awards season, a question Hedlund laughs off, saying, “I just hope that people pick up the book and get inspired by this man’s vibrant, rich life.” You’re welcome,book publishers of America.
—Julie Vadnal

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ELLE Magazine Fall 25 - Features Garrett Hedlund
14 Aug, 2012

On the Road to show at Toronto International Film Festival
14 Aug, 2012

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“The weird balance between good and bad”

Friday, July 6, 2012

My mom and I were visiting her family in New Jersey because my cousin Danielle just got married and the celebration party was the next day. So my aunt agreed that she would take us to New York City, where Lullaby was filming. I had already known of this beforehand and found out more information so we could possibly stop by. The four of us- me, my mom, my aunt, and my cousin Andrew- took the subway to the city. Soon enough we stopped at Bellevue Hospital, where they were filming. We were told it was on the first floor so my mom and I went up there to see if we were allowed to hang around for fan pictures. We were!

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Fan Encounter on Lullaby Set
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14 Aug, 2012